Jumaat, 13 September 2013

Role model ?

#dipetik dari sebuah video .

Who have we made our role model ?
we spend more time watching X-factors 
then reading the seerah of the Prophet s.a.w 
they tell you .  wear high heels ,
you wear high heels .
they tell you wear low heels, you wear low heels .
they tell you wear tight , you wear tight .
then they tell you the palastinian scarf is in fasion, 
and then you start wearing the palastinian scarf .
bro , its the cause .

sereously , gives some respect ~

you know , one of the GREATEST OF  THE PROPHET 
was he brought The Ummah TOGETHER!
He created one Ummah .
and what we do ? 
we take the name of the PROPHET S.A.W,
and we devide the Ummah .

see what can be more gross ?
that u use the name of the greatest or creation to devide the Ummah ?
you know ,, how often do u hear brothers be saying :
"bro , i'm ready to die for the honuor of the Prophet s.a.w !"
"you not ready to live for the Prophet s.a.w ,
you wanna die for him ?"
"bro ,i'm ready to die for islam !"
"you not ready to live for islam and live like a muslims,
and you ready to die for islam ?"

The jihad of the west is not dying ,
its living as muslims .
and you need to realise that !
dont come out wif empty slogans .
how defunct they are ,
how devided they are !

so we need to make Prophet as our ROLE MODEL !

you know when Allah speaks in the Quran ,
he said to the prophet S.a.w ,
"if you love Allah , you cant really love Allah,
untill you follow the way of the Prophet."
it goes were ever the mother goes , 
and then Allah will love you in return.

and this is why we need to make the prophet S.a.w our Role Model!

knowingly o unknowingly , 
we have made many equals to the prophet s.a.w 
that we love equally as much
when you spend hours vegetating in front of your tv sets
and that's what you aspire for
you have made them your role model

we need to go back to making the prophet s.a.w our role model .!

      "the end , Assalammualaikum !

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